A bowl A Day,Mango Smoothie Bowl


Day 2 of this series, and my vibrant yellow smoothie bowl is ready!

I am a HUGE ice cream fan, and all these bowls are really hitting the spot! I never knew something so good for the body can also taste this indulgent.


If I were to choose one fruit to eat for the rest of my life, it would be without a doubt MANGOES. They are creamy and sweet and comforting. Just the smell of the fruit can lift your mood.


Mangoes are abundant this time of year. Walking down the fruits isle, you can’t but be captivated by their scent. This inspired today’s smoothie bowl. Along with peaches and ginger ( for added health benefits), you get the perfect vacation-worthy breakfast.


Pistachios are a must-add to any fruit bowl. It adds crunch and texture, and it is delicious. So chop up some Pistachios and sprinkle all around.


Taste Test….Yummmmm!

Onto the Recipe,




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